Why we need a health check?

Health is precious assets of each person, is an important factor to maintain family happiness, improve labor productivity, learning performance, etc. Therefore, in order to have a healthy body, in addition tohaving a diet, resting, working and learning, health experts recommend that people need annual physical examination for the early detection and treatment.

To meet the needs of individuals, health care organizations, MEDLATEC General Hospital organizing regular health checks for the following lists:

- Clinical

- Exam the specialty retails: Ear-Nose-Throat, Teeth - Jaw - Face and Eyes

- A full range of specialist tests to detect diabetes, lipid metabolism disorders, kidney function, liver function, social diseases (gonorrhea, syphilis, etc.), especially at tumor marker tests (liver, colorectal, ovarian, etc.).

- Ultrasound (abdomen, heart, thyroid, etc.)

- Digital X-ray all parts of the body (chest, esophagus, colon, etc.)

At MEDLATEC General Hospital, the physical examination conducted by a team of qualified, enthusiastic and experienced medical professionals, with a scientifically closed workflow, from sampling to getting the results and advice on diagnosis and treatment. Modern and latest machine systems of our hospital (color ultrasound machine, car mobile X-ray, ECG, etc.) allows the physician to obtain diagnostic results quickly and accurately.

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