Healthcare services for the enterprises

With almost 20 years of experiences, MEDLATEC General Hospital is now known as a distinguished institution offering health check for the enterprises in Hanoi and nearby provinces.

Our hospital has an experienced team of hundreds of professors, physicians with highly qualified specialist, medical ethics and conscientious care. We are also well-equipped with modern machines and systems made by well-known brand such as PyroMark Q24 MDx, Cobass 8000, Achitech 16200, Pentra DX 120, Celltaxa or new systems of computerize CT scanner, 4D supersonic, 3D & 4D color ultrasound, mobile digital x-ray machines, electrocardiogram, endoscopy equipment of ear-nose-throat, colposcopy equipment,…

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Health check-up for firms by MEDLATEC

Health check-up package options:

-        General examination package: general laboratory tests, ultrasound, X-ray…

-        Overall examination package: Aside from general examination pack, there are more specialized and tumor marker test.

-        Examination package following Circular no.14 of the Ministry of Health.

-        Customized package according to the requirements of each enterprise. 

Location options:

-          At MEDLATEC General Hospital

-          At area of the enterprises

Consulting after health check: 

After completing health check-up, MEDLATEC General Hospital provides the enterprises with free nutrition counseling programs conducted by our professional nutritionists, following the needs and agreement of enterprises.


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