Odonto - Stomatology

With well-qualified nursing staff and professional physicians as well as high technologies and techniques, we are willing to revitalize and maintain your happy and healthy smile.

The department of odonto - stomatology is well-equipped with comprehensive and advanced clinic systems and the modern technology in dentistry such as
dental chair system, automatic autoclave sterilizer, UV sterilizer cabinets, ultrasound tartar removal, dental implant system from Korea, Japan, Germany, apex locator, X-smart system…

Dental-Maxillofacial services available including:

1. Treatment of common oral and dental-maxillofacial problems:

-  Gingivitis, periodontitis, pathology of oral mucosa,

-  Dental caries,

-  Pulp pathology,

-  Minor surgery of embedded and impacted teeth,

-  Maxillofacial pathology,

-  Dental problems of children.

2. Dental Restoration:

-  Plantation of artificial teeth,

-   Dental implant.

3. Aesthetic dentistry:

-   Filling material,

-   Teeth whitening,

Orthodontics, tooth removal, fixing and fitting (malocclusion which can range from crowded teeth, extra teeth, missing teet

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